Apr 29, 2013

A dreamy Ios sunset!

Apr 29, 2013

When that famous Greek sun sets and the air begins to cool a little, the island of Ios starts to come to life. People begin to make their way to the town, passing caf├ęs, bars and clubs on. The soft breeze will awaken your senses and colours appear brighter and more vivid as the sun drops below the horizon. You’ll see orange, yellow, purple and pink hues, creating a unique atmosphere as the Ios sun goes down. Couples can enjoy soaking up the romantic atmosphere, while friends will enjoy hanging out, waiting for what the night will bring.

Most people kick off their evening with this sunset start, watching from an Ios club, listening to classic music and enjoying the atmosphere – a tradition on the island going back to 1973. When the sun finally sets on Ios Island, that’s when the fun really starts. The island becomes a disco and a new crowd arrives to party. The main streets fill with people, who want to dance and party until dawn. You won’t find a party like this anywhere else.

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